NORRA Race Video

The final video of our 2017 NORRA adventure is here!  This video condenses many months of prep and 5 grueling days of dirt, sand, silt, rocks, mud, mountain passes and some wild navigation into 8 thrilling minutes!  Can’t thank our crew enough! #NORRA1000

A Little Road Racing?

Scott was out having some road racing fun this weekend with a spin around the very fun Motorsport Ranch just southwest of Fort Worth, TX today.  Very different than the off-road world but also quite a thrill.  The Nissan GT-R has some incredible chops and can really dig off a corner.  Thanks much to my family for the awesome Father’s Day gift!


6th Place in Class

We finished 6th in our Vintage Open Truck class in our first ever #NORRA1000 race.   

We missed just one stage of the race after a long down time due to a loose wheel and subsequent axle problems on day 4. Merely finishing a grueling 1,264 mile off-road event is a major accomplishment. 

Our lucky rat clearly served us well!

We were overjoyed once we arrived at very nice and very large NORRA celebration and awards ceremony last night.  This whole journey which actually started 14 months ago with the purchase of the race truck, followed by the many hours spent prepping the truck to then culminate crossing that finish line is indescribable. 

Viva Baja!

We Finished!!

Kent and I just finished the 1,264 mile NORRA Mexican 1000 race today.  What an adventure and we can’t begin to thank the team and all the people who helped us to get to this successful finish. 

Kent did an unbelievable job driving today and if it weren’t for a stint in the deep sand which took 2 and a half hours to dig out…it would have been an unbelievable finish today.   Below are a few pics of the final day.  

Finished Day 3!

We are continuing our NORRA Mexican 1000 racs adventure by finishing both day 2 to Bay of LA and day 3 to Loreto. 

Kerry Armstrong drove on day 2 and Scott Booth drove day 3.  

The race truck is performing well so far.  We will be performing some maintenance this morning to prepare for the day 4 run down to LA Pax. Think positive thoughts and wish us continued good luck today and tomorrow!

Finished Day 1 in San Felipe!

Kent did a great job finishing the first of 5 days of the NORRA Mexican 1000.  200 miles down of the 1,264 total race miles.  

The truck performed well with the only issue of the day being stuck in some silt at the end of the Diablo dry lake.  

Servicing the truck now to prepare for race day 2 with Kerry Armstrong driving and Burt Nafziger codriving.  

At Tech

The 401 truck is starting through the #NORRA1000 tech inspection and contingency today.   There is definitely a good crowd and a large number of entries here with this being the 50th anniversary of this event.  We are really getting excited now that the race is finally here!

On The Way!

We are finally officially out of the race shop and headed toward Ensenada, Baja Mexico – with a stop tonight in San Diego.  Race stickers and the 401 numbers are on the race truck so you know we are close to the event start now!

Additional driver Kerry Armstrong and co-driver Burt Nafziger got some general instructions and some valuable seat time yesterday. 

Stay posted here for more updates and you can link to the live in-race tracking of our number 401 truck starting this Sunday 4/23 from the Tracking menu item here on our website. 

#NORRA1000, @boothbrosracing